Auto Mechanic Training, VW style

Hey everyone!
I am currently at training for our new VW scan tool software. So of course I have training on the brain. I know we have talked about it before, but I have not talked about this type of class.

This is basically a “new product” launch. Before a new car comes out, the manufacturer needs to get the mechanics up to speed. Some product launches require much more training than others.

The Hybrid Jetta for example is much more important to have mechanics trained on, than say a facelift of the Jetta.

VW has classes that their mechanics have to go to. They are called instructor lead training (ILT). In a prefect world every mechanic could go to the ILT for all product launches. At my dealer, the closest training center is about a 5 hour. That usually limits the number of mechanics that go to the launch training to 1 maybe 2.

I am pretty lucky to be one of 2 or 3 guys that goes to the new product classes. The new stuff is always fun to learn. But that also requires me to make sure I bring back as much info as I can. I will be the one that gets to help everyone else in the shop. I actually enjoy that part of my job. Well, minus the whining from the other guys.

I think the new scan tool software will be a good thing. It’s VERY different, but manageable. I will update you guys with the details soon.

I hope you are all having a great day. P.s. I am writing this post from my phone. The Internet at the hotel is AWFUL. I just didn’t want to be at training without giving you guys a quick update!

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  1. Alex@iHeartEuro
    Alex@iHeartEuro says:

    That sounds interesting! I had a question for you… maybe you know the answer. 2 years ago I had a fully loaded 2010 GTI and when I plugged a VagCom I found quite a few options that were DISABLED for some reason (memory driver heated seat, cluster sweeping, remote windows, coming home lights…) it took a few minutes to enable all of those things:) I am just curious why the dealers sell a car with all of these options turned OFF?


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