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Last week my dealer got their first TDI A7 Golf, or MK7 Golf, OR MKVII Golf. Did I get all the ways to say that it is the 7th generation Golf? LOL

The new Golf and GTI are now built in Mexico. To me it is weird to see the VIN start with a 3, that is New TDI Golf Enginethe country code. We also see several new technologies on this Mk7 platform

  • New series of engines
  • Modular Infotainment System (MIB)
  • Proactive occupant protection
  • Selective driving mode (only on the GTI)

But today I want to focus mostly on the TDI. When we get a brand new car in we do what is called a PDI Perfect Delivery Inspection. For me this is a great opportunity to look at some of the new and cool stuff. I mostly focus on all the things that VW did to make my life hard. Like dumb oil filter locations, or plastic oil pans (yeah, and I still salty about that).

So lets look at some of the new stuff on the TDI.New TDI Golf Engine

For the first time the Golf TDI has exhaust fluid. The Touareg and Passat TDI both have had AD-Blue for years. The thing about the Golf is the location of the filler. VW has moved the filler right next to the fuel nozzle. My thoughts? Well, now instead of spilling Ad-Blue in the trunk, you get to spill it down the side of the car. Kidding about that part, I actually like the move. It means I will not have to move a bunch of things to fill the Ad-Blue tank. Plus the fillers are VERY different.

Oil FilterNew TDI Golf Engine
This is a move I didn’t see coming. For the first time since I have worked for VW, the TDI oil filter is NOT on the top of the engine. This is a strange and weird thing for me. So I know what you are thinking. They moved the oil filter to a really easy place. WRONG! They moved the filter to the bottom, but it is now it’s buried by coolant hoses.

From a mechanics point of view, those are the most important changes. There are a few other things that are different. The TDI now has a water cooled charge air cooler. That is something the TDI Passat has.

Overall I think the new TDI Golf, along with the GTI, is a great platform. I hope that we are past the diesel fuel and HPFP issues at this point. But only time will tell. .

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  1. Cole Trickle
    Cole Trickle says:

    I have changed oil on many different types of vehicles of the years. I hat it when they put such a frequently changed part in a hard to reach or obstructed place. I currently own a 2005 Toyota Sequoia and I hate having to remove the guard place from the vehicle to do an oil change.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Really like this site, nice job and great information…thanks.

    I just took delivery of a bran’ spankin’ new 2015 Golf TDI, it is my third diesel VW starting with a 1978 Diesel Rabbit (bought new in college) all of which I really loved.

    So here is the question. Whenever I buy a new car I change the oil and filter after the first 100 miles – concerns for impurities, metal filings from manufacture, etc. and I get 200K+ miles out of these engines with no problems But I am reading in some of the forums that this might not be a good idea, in fact it might be a bad idea. The reason given is that the oil delivered with the car has some special qualities to allow the engine to break in. I’m not sure I buy it…so long as we use the right oil spec’d for the engine how could we go wrong? Or am I missing something?

    What is your take on this?

    Oh, and is the 10,000 mile oil/filter change to be trusted?

    Again, my thanks for a great site!


  3. idiotsniff
    idiotsniff says:

    I’ve been wanting a TDI for years and finally bought a 2015 Jetta TDI highline w/ technology Package w/ DSG transmission in moonrock silver. my dad had a 2014 and I was in love with the location of the oil filter. was really nice it was in such a place that if someone wanted to swap oil filters out once again after and oil change over the long oil change I trials just for piece of mind it could be don’t without half the oil drain g out. it was also so clean to replace it from uptop because it was like a cup with a filter in it held all the oil no mess. what a bummer I’m real upset to hear about this actually and even more mad about the bloody rad hose being in the way. this will be just lovely to changes on. bloody hell oil is going to be all over the place and drain all the way down the hose a go who knows where. why would they do this. I know it’s a redesign but they could at least do some sort of external filter housing g so it was done the same if it had to be like this. I wonder if that is something someone will Come out with for this new 288 engine just because of the issue? I’d buy one. anyways what’s this other issue ur talking about that ur still all salty about? does it have a stupid plastic oil pan to? I sure hope not that a joke.

    anyways, thanks for the info Mr. humble mechanic, appreciate it.

  4. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi there — i have one of those 2015 Golf TDI which i loved loved loved (yes, past tense) but after getting t-boned (tho mechanics say the subsequent multiple issues have hothing to do with the accident or repairs done) but this car is giving me grief and I cannot wait for the buy back appointment! One of the more recent issues I’ve come across is the yellow warning telling me to reduce oil levels! I JUST brought this car in a couple of weeks ago, too :-/. How long can I continue driving the car without bringing this car in to get the oil drained just a bit? If weather has anything to do with the results, I’m in the Washington DC area. Cheers!


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