The State Of The Shop ~ Podcast Episode 67

The State Of The Shop ~ audio Podcast Episode 67

Happy Wednesday everyone. This episode of the Humble Mechanic Podcast, we are chatting about the state of the shop. This is where we dive into what is happening right now in the VW world. This comes from an on the ground level. Not the stuff that is pumped out from the media. Think of this as the unfiltered version of what dealerships are seeing, and fixing.

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Join me today as we chat about:

  • Shop Shots
  • More about my new roll in the shop
  • Moving bays and tool boxes
  • Lowering a Golf SportWagen
  • Jetta Power steering issues
  • 2015 GTI Fuel Pump Recall
  • 2015 GTI, DSG transmission failure
  • Several TDI updats
  • 1.8t Cam failure
  • Ignition switch failures
  • and more

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Whaaaaaa, you have to buy your own beer now????? What is this world coming to??? lol….. That was funny Charles. Best of luck with the new roll, sounds like a great fit for you and your shop!


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