Recap From Dubs For A Cause

Dubs For A Cause Charity Car Show

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of being a sponsor for Dubs For A Cause. A local car show that raises both money and canned goods for charities. This year they were collecting canned good for H2O tuning NC. They will be donating them to a local food back for the holidays. The cash donations were collected and giving to IFOPA (Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva – Stoneman Syndrome). You can read more about them at

For me it is always a good time to get out to shows. I get some great ideas for the project I am working on at that time. When you pile that on top of being for charity, I am all in. So here are some of the cars that came out for the show. Thanks again to my buddy Stephen for some really great shots.

I hope that you like the shots. Anytime you get a chance to help out some folks in need, please do it. You might not miss the few dollars, but it will mean a lot to the people that need it.

Thanks to all the other sponsors that donated. It was a nice turn out. When I find out the totals I will be sure to post them. Swing by the Humble Mechanic Facebook page today. Give the folks that donated a like, and thank them for being awesome! I will tag them in the post.


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