How Auto Mechanics Remember How To Put Cars Back Together~ Audio Podcast Episode 31

How Auto Mechanics Remember How To Put Cars Back Together? One of the key skills for any mechanic is being organized. Now I will admit, there are times I am not the most organized of mechanics. But when it comes to taking things apart, and putting them back together, you have to remember how things go.

I have ran into many times in my career that I had to refer to something or someone else to give me guidance on getting a car back together. Today I want to share some of those tricks and tips to help you get better and faster at putting a car back together.

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Join me as we discuss:

  • Starting jobs smart
  • Being consistent
  • Tips on labeling parts
  • Taking Pictures
  • Removing Parts together
  • Some parts find their natural place
  • Mindset of Organizing.
  • One more little secret 😉
  • Post talking more about that Routan Transmission failure.
  • And more

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