How Auto Mechanics Remember How To Put Cars Back Together~ Podcast Episode 31

Episode 31 remembering parts

Volkswagen Routan Tranmission ProblemHave you ever wondered how a mechanic remembers where all those parts go? Or how we somehow manage to get things put back together? Well, today I share the ways I manage to keep things straight.

This is the Routan I talk about in the video. I came in to the situation as the 3rd tech. Dealing with these types of things is awful. Just another reason to keep your stuff organized.

Today on the Automotive Podcast, we talk about:

  • Starting jobs smart
  • Being consistent
  • Tips on labeling parts
  • Taking Pictures
  • Removing Parts together
  • Some parts find their natural place
  • Mindset of Organizing.
  • One more little secret 😉
  • Post talking more about that Routan Transmission failure.
  • And more

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    Charles, shame on you giving away our trade secrets. I always say we’re all genius’s with superior visual logic capabilities and photographic memories.


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