MK3 Project Car Walk Around ~ Video 1

MK3 vr6 GTIMy newest project car is this 1998 MK3 VR6 Volkswagen GTI. This is a quick walk around video showing some of the good things and some of the GTI problems. Follow allow this video series and see how I turn this GTI back into the car it once was.

Show resources:

Join me today as we break down (hopefully not):

  • Engine code
  • GTI issues under the hood
  • Concerns about the interior
  • Issues with paint on roof
  • Under car concerns
  • The best part about the car
  • Upcoming DIY MK3 DIY videos
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “MK3 Project Car Walk Around ~ Video 1” on YouTube.

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  1. FBecknell
    FBecknell says:

    Wow I’m so lucky! Thanks for purchasing this car! haha. I wrote you an email a while back about my VR6 swapped Mk2, and these future videos are going to help me loads. There is nothing that sounds more incredible then the VR6. Imagine one barely struggling to lug around the weight of a mk2 GTI!

  2. Charles Dixon
    Charles Dixon says:

    I have the same model except the previous owner installed a 6 speed gear box. I love the little car, but lately i find it loses power for no particular reason and then surges back in a second or two. I’ve replaced the MAF sendor, throttle body and coil, but the issure persists. Any ideas???


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