Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill & Impact Driver Combo ~ Review

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill & Impact Driver Combo ~ Review

Today we review Milwaukee M18 Drill and Impact Driver Combo. This drill and impact kit comes with the tools, 2 5ah batteries, a charger for m18 and m12, and a carrying case. The impact tool was my most used tool as an automotive mechanic. Both tools have great power and brushless motors. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a ton of other Milwaukee tools, and this set fits very nicely into the collection. Thanks to Home Depot for providing these tools.

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  1. Willie
    Willie says:

    Thanks for sharing your review of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill & Impact Driver Combo. It sounds like a great set of tools for anyone in need of a reliable and powerful drill and impact driver. I’m considering purchasing this combo set, but I’m wondering if you could provide more information on the battery life and charging time of the M18 Fuel batteries included in the kit? Thanks!

  2. Willie
    Willie says:

    I’m considering getting the Milwaukee M18 Drill and Impact Driver Combo for my automotive repair work. You mentioned that the impact tool was your most used tool as an automotive mechanic. Can you elaborate on the specific tasks where you found the impact tool to be particularly useful, and how it compares to other impact tools you’ve used


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