Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70

Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am joined in studio by Rusty. We had a very spirited chat about being a mechanic vs being a technician. We come at it from 2 very different angles, and that makes the conversation fun. There is a little weirdness in the first part of the show. I had a camera issue that day and it impacted the video quality. The second part of the show’s video is back to normal.

Join Rusty and I today as we break down:

  • Rusty’s view of what a mechanic is
  • Rusty’s view of what a technician is
  • The psychology behind the words.
  • My view of the two words
  • QOTD ~ Do you consider yourself a Mechanic or a Technician?
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70” on YouTube.

As always your questions and comments are very much appreciated. If you have a suggestion for a show topic, use the contact me form, or email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com. I would also like to thank Rusty for joining me in studio today. It is always a fun time chatting with him, even more so when we don’t 100% agree.

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3 replies
  1. l.d. fowler
    l.d. fowler says:

    im 75 years old i have never sent a conment on any thing it was fun watching you guys you guys were just aposite of what i thought im typing this with one finger and i not spelling that well i rebuilt my first 50 ford flat head eng with help from shade tree mech when iwas 15 yrs old by the time i was 17 i could adjust and balance 3 stronberg 97 carbs by ear i gave up working on my cars because of howthey look because of people like you, i just changed plugs in my 2009 vw cc took half hour THANKS MASTER MECHANIC CHARLES

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hey I have been following you page for a few months and I always see your toolbox full of stickers I was wondering if you have or ever thought about making some humble mechanic stickers I’d definitely buy one. Thanks for the great videos keep it up.

  3. Barry
    Barry says:

    my uncle is a self made millionaire he worked at ge every week he would have money taken out of his check and buy stock in ge so he would fight over every dollar so he could buy more stock so that guy you gave your labor away to might be a millionaire after crying poverty to you he probably will go out and buy a new flat screen tv


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