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Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am joined in studio by Rusty. We had a very spirited chat about being a mechanic vs being a technician. We come at it from 2 very different angles, and that makes the conversation fun. There is a little weirdness in the first part of the show. I had a camera issue that day and it impacted the video quality. The second part of the show’s video is back to normal.

Join Rusty and I today as we break down:

  • Rusty’s view of what a mechanic is
  • Rusty’s view of what a technician is
  • The psychology behind the words.
  • My view of the two words
  • QOTD ~ Do you consider yourself a Mechanic or a Technician?
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70” on YouTube.

As always your questions and comments are very much appreciated. If you have a suggestion for a show topic, use the contact me form, or email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com. I would also like to thank Rusty for joining me in studio today. It is always a fun time chatting with him, even more so when we don’t 100% agree.

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