What A Day As A Mechanic Looks Like ~Time Lapse Video

Published on January 21, 2015 under Video

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today we have a little mix of the automotive podcast, and Shop Shots. Many of you asked me to do a time lapse video of a day at the shop. So I hooked up the GoPro and gave it a try. I am really looking for your input on this video. Here is what I want to know:

  • Did you like it?
  • What would you change?
  • How was the speed?
  • Any other feedback

If you guys like this video, maybe I will do more from different angles. This was a pretty fun video to sit and edit. It gave me a look at how much time I spend waiting on things. As entertaining as it was, I will be using this to fine tune how I do things in the shop.

Trouble viewing? Watch “What A Day As A Mechanic Looks Like ~Time Lapse Video” on Youtube.

Like I said, your thoughts and comments are very important. As always feel free to share them. If you have an idea for a show topic, use the contact me form and let me know 🙂

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  1. Ken Buckley

    Great episode Charles- really insightful. Thanks . Looks like a shop you can trust- dunno why I get that. Reminds me that I have to get my wheels aligned!
    One other thing – I accidentally left my dash cam running in my car recently when I dropped if off at my local dealership and was fascinating to see behind the scenes. I feel bad that I forgot to plug it out (newly installed) -like it was a breach of privacy to keep it running without telling the mechanic (and there was nothing that would raise an eyebrow to see on it ). I will plug out the camera in future when I go for my service. I think you will get many more of such cases in the future as dash cams become more popular, and we all need to develop etiquette around this.

    1. Charles

      The dash cam thing is an interesting situation. On the one hand, it is your car and you can record whatever you want. It does have the WTF factor from a tech’s point of view.

      There is a guy that brought his Honda in for service. He records the service and it is funny to watch the techs work on his car.

      1. Ken Buckley

        Once it’s disclosed and everyone’s happy then ok – but I myself don’t like being recorded and would not want a customer recording me. So I will disengage the dash cam before bringing my car to get serviced in the future – and show the guys it’s off. Perhaps I’ll go the full hog and just take it down for that period.
        Once you have a dash cam tho it feels weird driving without one.

  2. Rob

    Nice video Charles, interesting to see how a Saturday looks at a VW shop vs a Chevy shop. Kind of the same actually, lot’s of basic maintenance jobs came in, little hectic but not in a pressure kind of way. 🙂

  3. Pete

    Was that a factory VW laptop stand you were using? OK I gotta ask, what is the “good” mic you use in your vids, and please loan it to the Engineering Explained guys or tell them where they can get one. That “Wearhouse Re-Verb” has got to go. Do the time-lapse again on something big like a timing-belt where the front-end has to go.

  4. Kristin

    I liked the time lapse, it was a little hard to follow some parts because it was so fast and a lot of the cars look the same. I would love to see a time lapse of a big job on one car like when I have seen you post pictures of the whole front of a car coming off. I have to say it would drive me crazy to be away from my station so much and have to jump back and forth between jobs, I like to start one thing and finish it to the end.

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