Does 3m Intake System Cleaner Really Work?

Published on November 30, 2015 under Video

Today I will be testing 3m Intake System Cleaner. This cleaner is meant to clean the intake manifold, valves, and combustion chamber of 4 stroke engines. We will be cleaning the intake system of my 1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6. The maintenance history of this car is largely unknown. There are many products that claim to clean the intake system of cars. This will be the first test in the series.

About the 3m Intake System Cleaner

This is part of a larger 3m “Fuel System Tune Up Kit“. That kit includes the intake system cleaner, a throttle plate cleaner, and a treatment to add the the fuel tank. The intake cleaner goes in just before the throttle body and sprays the chemical past the throttle and into the intake. If it works right, it should clean much of the intake manifold.

Join me today as we test

  • Setting your car up
  • Follow the instructions on the car
  • Ease of use
  • Setting up the car
  • Before pictures
  • Running the treatment
  • After pictures
  • Did it work?
  • Does the amount of tailpipe smoke mean anything?
  • and more

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  1. TW13

    I tried this a few months ago and it went very wrong. I was pretty sure I had the hose facing the throtle body plate. When it was over, I had a bunch of pink stuff leaking out of the bottom of the car. The air filter was pink. Either the hose turned and sprayed the wrong direction or the fact that I had the stuff for a year and a half before I used. THe pink stuff looked like the spray foam sealer you use around pipes to close off the hole that get hard. THe pink stuff wasn’t hard just looked the the foam. Any ideas what might have happened? I am going to try it again and don’t want to ruin another air filter. Car is 2006 Honda Accord V6. Thanks.

  2. Stefan

    I’m really curious how this stuff (or similiar product such as AMSOil PowerFoam) will work as a preventative for keeping GDI intake ports and valves clean. I will be experimenting with this on my ’08 Passat after I do a good manual cleaning.

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