Tips on changing a tire, and How to use a VW tire jack VIDEO

Happy Friday guys!

Today I give you some tips on changing a tire. I also show you how the heck to use that jack for your Volkswagen. The usage of the jack is VW specific, but the tips and tricks will apply any time you have to change a tire.

I am still working out the kinks of shooting videos, but I think this came out pretty good.  No editing at all..  That is my goal, shoot and post!

Here are some close up pics of the jack, the tool kit and the proper place to put the jack!


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  1. […] This car did not slip off the jack. It was installed the the wrong spot. It was installed under the door, not on the pinch weld of the car. The damage could have been worse, and the customer could have been hurt. This is why I want to be safe when working on your car. Here is a link to a video I did a while back that shows “How to use your Volkswagen tire jack” […]

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