Passat bumper and grill

Removing a bumper cover on a VW is not really that hard. In fact its super easy. With a few basic tools, you can have the bumper cover off faster than you can watch this video. Why would you need to remove the bumper? In my case, I removed the grill and bumper covers to remove the headlights for a wiring repair. You might also want to remove the bumper on the way to putting the car in service position. Service position is used for jobs like radiators and timing belts.

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Trouble viewing? Watch “Remove and Install Passat Bumper Cover and Grill” on YouTube.

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    Can you show how to remove the bumper cover for a MK V GTI ? Need to replace my Bi-Xenon headlight assembly and had all the screws and grill off but wasn’t sure how the bumper lifted off. Didn’t want to break anything so put all the screws back in till I can figure out how the bumper cover lifts off.


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