Viewer Questions ~ Podcast Episode 54

Published on March 30, 2015 under Podcast

Happy Monday everyone. We are back on our regularly scheduled programming this week. Mondays are the days on the Automotive Podcast that I take your questions. To get on a show like this, email me Charles(AT)Humblemechanic(DOT)com and put QUESTION FOR CHARLES in the subject. On a “random fact of the day” note, this is video 135 on YouTube. That is pretty darn cool.

Join me as I take your questions on:

Trouble viewing? Watch “Viewer Questions ~ Podcast Episode 54” on YouTube.

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Please post them in the comments section below. Again, if you have a question for a show like this, email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com with Question for Charles in the subject. Also if you have an idea for a show you can email me, or use the contact me form!

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  1. Pete Callahan

    Thanks Charles for the somewhat ambiguous answer. A little more polish and you’ll make a fine factory man. The saying used to be “Think Outside the Box”, perhaps we need to change it to “Think Outside the Parameters.”

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