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Pontiac Engine Build

Hey everyone. Welcome to the first Shot Shots of 2014. Like most of you, it is record cold where I am. I left for work yesterday to an insane 11 degrees. This type of weather can make cars do weird things. Like not shift into gear, or have the battery just die. Please stay safe out there. If you don’t have to travel, DON’T!

I know that Shop Shots is normally a Wednesday post. It turns out that I fell asleep at my computer on Tuesday night. I woke up to my wife yelling at me. She is actually making fun of me about it right now. Now that she has had her fun, its time for the first pictures of 2014.automotive repair with duct tapeIt is always a fun time to see car repairs with Duct Tape. This is the back side of a Passat head light. Someone attempted to install non factory HID headlights. I am generally a fan of HID headlights. I have them installed in my Passat. But these type of kits usually require some modification. Lucky for the customer I was able to get the light seated and installed properly. The bad part is, the adjuster for the headlight was broken. That means the inside of the light just bounces around. The fix? A simple zip tie.

Volkswagen Paint Defects

From the factory Volkswagen has excellent paint. It is among the best in the industry. There is a Honda dealer next to mine. If you look at a new Honda vs a new VW, you can see VW paint is overall a better job. That being said, I have seen paint issues on VWs. This car came in for the first service and for us to look at the dark spot you see here. There was some type of sometime under the clear coat. It is funny, you see something like that and you can’t help but try and wipe it off.

Pontiac Engine BuildLast up is another picture of my buddies engine. I have posted pictures of his car a few times before. He is coming dangerously close to finishing the engine rebuild. He is really taking care to build an engine that near factory. He is doing something similar to what I did with the VR swap. Paint every part, and take the time to get it done right. Also, I am in love with those black valve covers.

That about does it for the first Shop Shots of 2014. I am really excited to kick off this year. I do think that this will be the biggest year for all of us yet. Big things are coming and it will be a wild ride. If you want to help our community grow, please consider sharing the blog. I am sure you know some folks that truly care about their cars. Remember that much of what we talk about applies to all cars, not just VWs.

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  1. Uwe
    Uwe says:

    > I am generally a fan of HID headlights.
    So am I, when they’re factory.

    But not when some clown stuffs an HID bulb kit into headlight housings that were never designed for HID bulbs. The result almost always produces an obnoxious amount of glare to oncoming traffic. Please just say “No” to aftermarket HID bulb kits.

    • Car ER
      Car ER says:

      I also strongly dislike when some clown tries to stick a cheap HID kit into headlights that aren’t made for them. However, there are ways to do it right. My Subaru has a aftermarket HID system, but it’s one that’s good quality and my headlights were retrofitted with projectors made for HID’s.

      Car ER
      1042 West Market St
      Harrisonburg, VA 22801

  2. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy
    Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy says:

    I missed the part about the record cold at first, that is never fun, no matter what the record. It definitely means more cold than you are used to.

    Don’t feel bad about falling asleep at the computer, I just fell asleep watching a movie with the kids, and the youngest fell asleep with me.

  3. Vaughan
    Vaughan says:

    Hey, good to see you back for 2014!
    That Pontiac motor looks an awful lot like the Holden V8, we Aussies “borrowed” the design for our V8 from Pontiac many years ago and it was in production from 1969 until 2000 here. We have all kinds of good bits for these motors!


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