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Solution Finish

Well folks we are just about wrapped up with giveaway week. Today’s giveaway is something to bring the life back to the black trim on your car. This kit will bring the trim that turned grey back to a nice shiny black.

Solution Finish

This kit from Solution Finish has everything you need to restore that dingy black trim on your car. The 1oz bottle is enough to do 3 cars.

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So far we have talked about 1st cars, car stories, and spy cars. Today post your favorite all time car. It doesn’t have to be one you have owned. It can be any car. Tell us all about the car, and why you love it. It is that simple!

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  1. Jeff Dutton aka NEADubhunter
    Jeff Dutton aka NEADubhunter says:

    1970 International Pick up. It was my first rescue. I was 14 and working at a full service gas station in my home town. And this older guy come in with the truck complaining about it, I asked him if he wanted to sell it, he say “yeah, $50 bucks and its yours”. so I went a block down to the bank and pulled the money out of my savings. I took the truck home, cleaned it up, removed the years of smoking smell out of it and sold it 2 weeks later for $250. that was the first of 2 dozen rescues that I have made over the last 30 years and started my selling career.

  2. Michael Mygas
    Michael Mygas says:

    My 1967 Chevy II Nova was my first new car and was the car I won my first NHRA drag race with. It came with a 327/275HP engine and a 3-speed manual trans. I upgraded the engine with a solid lifter cam, aluminum hi-rise intake, holley carb, Doug’s Headers, and a Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed trans with a Hurst shifter which rewarded me with several drag racing winner’s trophies. Sadly, I had to sell it when I got drafted into the military during the Vietnam War.

  3. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    Man that is a hard one I love so many cars, I guess my favorite all time car that I could actually own some day and have actually driven would be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Camaro. I just have always loved this car and have a reoccurring dream about a white 3rd gen Camaro. Also love all 60’s era muscle cars like the Nova, GTO, Cuda and Chevelle. And would love to own an Aston Martin DB9, but would have to win the lottery for that to happen.

  4. Eric DJ
    Eric DJ says:

    1982 BMW 320i. I was the second owner. BalticBlau, parchment interior. Wasn’t fast but loved to be stomped on going to the highways. 80mph speedo, math takes over beyond that. Ran from LA almost to San Francisco at 110mph. I had Bilsteins, H&R springs, special ordered Panasport wheels, Hartge strut bar. The rest was oem and gone over. Lower temp switches made it run cool as can be. No matter what car we own we will miss that one the most. Having a stack of wheels and nos parts still for it doesn’t help us to forget.

  5. Richard
    Richard says:

    1969 Z/28 with the DZ 302. A friend of mine had this when I was growing up. The car was a close ratio M/22 4 speed. It was incredibly fast and darn near indestructible.

  6. Jim H
    Jim H says:

    ’59 corvette, red with white coves. When I was about 13 I saw a gorgeous blond driving one with popular song of the time blasting from the radio. It was a warm summer day and she had the top down and flowing in the wind. I’ve wanted one of each ever since.

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    Might sound strange, but the Toyota Previa. Mid engine, supercharged, Stick, AWD. A lot of the parts from the various Trucks, Vans and Superchargers will fit.

  8. Steve Decker
    Steve Decker says:

    For me, it’s the Ford Model A. I have always wanted an antique car, and the Model A is one of the few affordable antiques. I still see them quite often, even as daily drivers. A beautifully simple and relatively bulletproof vehicle, it symbolizes America to me.


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