Finding a New Mechanic and Mechanic Advisor Review

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk about finding a new mechanic. The folks over at contacted me and asked me to check out their site. It is a place for folks to find a local repair shop, and read reviews. Think of Yelp, built specifically for repair shops.

I thought we have talked about ways to find a new mechanic before. But, after must research, I was wrong. That or I am bad at using the search feature on my own site LOL.

If you move to a new town, buy a new car, or maybe your mechanic retires, finding a new mechanic can be tough. Here are a tips to help you find a new mechanic.

Ask your friends
This can be a good start. If a trusted friend trusts their mechanic, give them a shot. I personally never recommend anyone to a friend unless I 100% trust them and their service. I would still recommend being cautious. Also be sure to let the mechanic know who referred you. I get a good amount of referrals that I have no idea where they came from.

Ask the internet
Sites like MechanicAdvisor,Yelp, and forums “CAN” be a good resource. If a site has the ability to review the company, take the review for what it is. One persons opinion about their experience. There are multiple angles at play here.

  • Is the shop really good/bad
  • What was the issue? Was someone mad they had to spend money, or did they get bad service?
  • Did an employee do the review? (it happens)
  • Was it a review on a specific mechanic? Odds are it was not.

Every shop has some techs that are better than others. But even great techs have bad days. All I am stressing here is take reviews for what they are. And remember the term “internet muscles” 😉

Ask a fellow driver
This might be the single BEST way to find a new mechanic. If you drive a VW, ask another VW driver who services their car. If they have a person they love, they will tell you. On the flip side, if they have had a bad experience, get ready for a download.

This is actually a fun thing to do even if you don’t need a new mechanic. Most folks have a strong opinion either way when it comes to getting their car serviced.

One more piece of advice. Ask for a specific person, not just the place. It is like going to your favorite restaurant, and being seated with a server you don’t relate to.

How did you find your mechanic? Was it just luck of the draw?

MechanicAdvisor review
This is a site to find a mechanic. It is a clean and well designed site. It allows you to search by brand and location. Like I do with all my reviews, here are the Pros and Con


  • Nice clean design
  • the blog and Q&A section has TONS of great information
  • It is not just for cars, they have mechanics for boats and motorcycles too
  • Coupons for local shops.
  • The reviews are better than Yelp


  • most shops have few reviews
  • Some shop info is not up to date

Those cons are VERY minor. I did a local search for VW shops. It came up with one that has been closed for a while. Just to compare, I did the same search on Yelp. It listed the same shop. So I don’t really think it’s an issue with Mechanic Advisor.  Overall I think it is a great resource for finding a mechanic.

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  2. Thomas Robson
    Thomas Robson says:

    Great post. It seems that because mechanics are always feared as the result of the stereotype a few bad seeds have caused, recommendations from fellow drivers and friends always seems to be the best bet no matter where you are

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