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Happy Friday everyone. I have something very different and awesome for you today. As you know, my good pal Rusty and I have been doing a show together for the last few weeks. It is basically us chatting about many things in the car world. I am still playing around with some of the scheduling for the blog. So I thought I would test out posting our show on Friday.

This time we are talking about something very important, Advice for New Drivers. I think most of us can agree that most state drivers ed programs are WEAK! We wanted to give you guys some thoughts on where drivers ed can improve, and some ways for everyone to be come a better driver.

Show Notes:

  • Where drivers ed fails
  • Where drivers ed does well
  • importance of vehicle checks
  • Tips on changing a tire
  • Teaching about maintenance
  • Good driver etiquette
  • On road driving tips
  • don’t match speed
  • leave yourself an out
  • Slow is NOT always safe
  • Accident Avoidance
  • How Go Karts are a good teaching tool AND FUN!
  • And more

Well what did you think? Do you have a new driver in your family? Would these tips help them out? Do you REALLY want to go and drive some Go Karts now? 🙂


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