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Hey everyone, it has been a long time between updates on the blog. I wanted to just tell you all what has been going on, and why it has been so long.

In 2012 I was updating the car blog 4-5 times a week. For those of you that do not blog, it is a ton of work. I was spending about 35 hours a week doing website related things. Whether is was spending time answering emails, helping folks in forums, or creating fresh new content. It was a ton of work, but also a lot of fun.

Late last year my wife and I moved to our new homestead. One of many awesome things about that is, a new garage. That finally gave me the room to start working on the MK1 Cabriolet again. Since about March, I have been working nonstop on the cabby project, Luv-A-Dub.

This VR6 Cabriolet project is the most intense car project that I have ever done. Sure I have stripped car interiors all the way down. I have also done a few engine. This is far and away the most I have ever done on one car. You read in forums and other blogs about how “easy” things are to do. Then you actually do them yourself. You quickly realize that even if it’s not hard, it is still a lot of work. That car has taken up just about every spare second of time. I have been posting pictures on the Facebook page, Twitter, and instagram. I hope that you have been following there too.

How close is the Cabby to running?

Well, that is a good question. We have come so far in the last few months. From parking it in late February, to stripping the engine compartment and interior, to a fully rebuild VR6 engine, new wiring, tons of new part, and making several custom pieces. Many of the custom things I can do myself. There are however somethings that just make more sense to have made, or buy. Right now, a good buddy of mine is making my header.


I want to take a minute to thank all of you that have been following the blog, and connecting with me on all the social media sites. I really enjoy answering all your questions and helping everyone out. If you ever have a car related question please feel free to ask. I know there has been a prolonged hiatus in blog updates, and for that I am sorry. We will get back on track before you know it.

ONE LAST THING, for those of you that have subscribed to get email updates. I have changed the emailing service that I use. If for some reason your email alert is not right, please let me know. You can post a comment, use the Contact Me form, or email me Charles(at)Humblemechanic(dot)com


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