Viewer Automotive Questions ~ Podcast Episode 103

Hey everyone! We are back in action on the blog. I was fighting some issues with HostGator and some malware. Don’t worry, everything is fine, and no need to worry about getting a virus from the blog. The only think it really meant is no blog posts last week. All of the videos were still posted to YouTube. All the more reason to be sure you subscribe on the blog AND on sites like Facebook and YouTube. 😉

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Join me as I take your questions on:

  • The upcoming clock spring campaign
  • Modified Volkswagen and recalls
  • Leaking Volkswagen sunroofs
  • Costs for replacing TDI timing belts
  • Shutting car off during DPF regeneration
  • Letting the turbo cool down
  • Why the temperature gauge does not move
  • What do I think of Heieken?
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Viewer Automotive Questions ~ Podcast Episode 103” on YouTube.

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Charles, great job explaining the questions. Wanted to add some of my experiences with some of the topics raised in hope that it may fill in another real-world perspective to those who asked.

    I have a tdi and stopping the vehicle during regen bothered me so I added an utragauge to my vehicle, it’s a plug in configurable instrument panel that allows me to watch my cat temps. If I see the temps above 1100 and I am not in a hurry I will go around the block or sit and let the car idle to finish off the regen. This makes me feel better about the whole process if nothing else. I have been working out of town where the hotel & work were 1 mile apart and the regen kept trying over and over until it triggered a warning light and I then took it for a 5 mile run, trying to avoid that in the future. It appears there’s a threshold of a percentage of regen that has to occur or else the car tries again on next warmup.

    The ultragauge also allows me to watch my actual coolant temps vs the idiot light/gauge on the dash. Mine fluctuates between 185 (idling) and 215(uphill during regen & AC on high) under driving conditions while the dash reads steady. Not a reason to add instrumentation, just understand what it’s there for.


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