Tons of Golf R Updates!

2019 Golf R best modifications

We are going on 10 months of owning the Golf R! BTW, did I tell you guys that it’s one of 13 in the US? Pretty rad to have a rare car. Would be cooler if it was 1/1 but hey I can deal HA. In the last few months I have done a bunch more updates for the R including Carbon inspection, Intake manifold DIY, even found out I got flagged TD1! Below is a recap of the videos I did for you guys!

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Trouble viewing? Watch “The 5 BEST Modifications for the Golf R ~ Do THESE First!” on YouTube.


Trouble viewing? Watch “How To Make Your 12v Outlet Stay On ~ No Tools Required” on YouTube.


Trouble viewing? Watch “Did VW Void the Warranty on the Modified Golf R?” on YouTube.


Trouble viewing? Watch “How To Code Automatic Reverse Overlay ~ 2019 Golf R” on YouTube.


Trouble viewing? Watch “How To Turn Off STOP START” on YouTube.


Trouble viewing? Watch “How Much Carbon Build Up at 10,000 Miles?? ~ 2019 Golf R” on YouTube.


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2 replies
  1. Stuart Bostock
    Stuart Bostock says:

    Ah that’s very interesting, carbon that’s what I was worried about when I noticed port injectors had been dropped on my 2019 Skoda Superb 272, which essentially has golf r engine. Shame there isn’t a way to inject something in the air intake to clean the carbon away as you drive.

  2. Diana Welch
    Diana Welch says:

    I really love watching your videos. If ever you will be needing some quality wheels and tires, you can check 4WheelOnline and choose the right for your car.


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