The Best Car Modification You Can Make

The Best Car Modification You Can MakeThe Best Car Modification You Can Make

What is the best modification you can make to your car? Finding the best car mod is actually very easy. Its not an ECM tune. It’s not a performance exhaust, lowering springs, brake upgrades or window tint. The best performance modification for a vehicle is the DRIVER MOD!

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6 replies
  1. Dan Noyes
    Dan Noyes says:


    Do you have any suggestions for optimization of the suspension for a 2010 CC sport (mt6)?

    Everybody talks about the GTI, etc. but very little is given regarding the CC. Or, do all the lessons about the GTI apply to the CC?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Breezeautoservice
    Breezeautoservice says:

    your vehicle is a propelled machine with complex structures that relate and depend upon each other much like your physical body.Our Car Repair Service you pick should in like manner be decent with affirmed Car Mechanic.

  3. Chris V
    Chris V says:

    Hi my name is chris and i have recently been brought into the VW world. I boughta 2008 passat FSI 2.0t with a rebult A6 2.0t motor. My car just randomly lost all communication to the engine while driving on the hwy several weeks back. Dashboard screen indicated “defective steering wheel column” which i know can also kill power to the car, however that has since been changed with a new module but the car still doesnt start. My car guy has since changed all the electric modules and computers etc and again no start. He is a trust worthy mechanic and i know hes not fooling me by doing all that work but he has said in 25 yrs of working on VW here and in Germany hes mever seen this type of issue. Hes also had 4-5 other VW and Audi experts look at the car and all dontt know what to do anymore.

    Charles have u encountered this type of issue b4?
    Sorry forgot to mention no engine light appears and the RPM s dont move at all either as the car cranks over and starts but in a 1 second shuts off. Pls let me know what u think.

    Thx Chris

  4. Lary Cook
    Lary Cook says:

    Hey, this is a great read. Modifying cars require some tactic, skill and creativity. We, at AG Customs, love modifying classic cars. There are, however, various things to consider before getting a car modified.

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    nanyue says:

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