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Automotive Podcast

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that no one has a “case of the Mondays”. It shocks me that people don’t get that movie reference these days. 🙂

Today is episode 36 of the Humble Mechanic Podcast. I may have called it episode 35 in the show. On Monday shows, I take your questions about all things automotive. If you would like to submit a question for a show like this, send me an email to Charles (at) humblemechanic (dot) com. Be sure to put QUESTION FOR CHARLES in the subject. I get a ton of emails so be sure to use that in the subject so I an answer your questions.

Join me as I take your questions on:

  • Warming your car up on cold mornings
  • the “snowflake” sign on VWs
  • Modifying VWs
  • How modifying VWs may impact your warranty
  • Why VW uses vacuum pumps for brake boosters
  • Difference in “dealership” oil vs “store bought” oil
  • a 40yr ban on motorsports
  • the worst DIY fixes
  • Diagnosing a bad wheel bearing
  • Engine oil I use in my Passat and why
  • Golf R VS WRX
  • And more

Having trouble viewing? Watch “Viewer’s Questions ~ Podcast Episode 36” on YouTube.

As always your comments are very much appreciated. Please post them in the comments section below. If you have a question to submit, email me Charles (AT) humblemechanic (DOT) com put QUESTION FOR CHARLES in the subject. If you have an idea for a show, email me, or use the contact me form.

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DSG Questions

VW DSG TRANSMISSONHey everyone. Today we are talking about DSG, or Direct Shift Gearbox transmissions. I posted on Facebook asking for YOUR questions on DSGs. The reason for that is, Jason from Engineering Explained joined me in the shop for a very in depth video on the DSG. I wanted to use that opportunity to answer your questions before his video comes out. Let me say, you guys are going to love that video.

Join me as I answer your questions on:

  • Using the Factory fill tool
  • Measuring the proper fluid level
  • Clutch wear life
  • The beer I am drinking 😉
  • Issues with hesitation at start
  • Awkwardness in stop and go traffic
  • Why does my DSG roll after pulling it in park
  • DSG vs PDK
  • DSG in a MK4
  • Why are they replacing manuals
  • DSG in a MK1 (WHAT THE WHAT??)
  • Showing some love for Engineering Explained AND EricTheCarGuy

If you are having problems viewing, watch “Viewer Questions on DSG Transmissions, Podcast Episode 30” on YouTube.

Thanks again to Jason from Engineering Explained (check out our VR6 video) for hanging out, and doing some fun video work. Remember, if you have a question you want to submit for a show like this (DSG or otherwise), email me Charles(at)Humblemechanic(dot)com, be sure to put QUESTION FOR CHARLES in the subject.
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