Pull A Part Outtakes with EricTheCarGuy

Published on October 17, 2016 under Salvage yard DIYs

Salvage yard DIYs

Today I kick off the series of DIY videos with Pull A Part used auto parts. I wanted to share some of the bloopers and outtakes from the week. Eric from EricTheCarGuy was my camera man. When you are kinda goofy, and have a great friend as your camera guy, hi jinx will ensue! This is a fun video, but the real deal videos will be coming out over the next several weeks.

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Join me in making fun of me:

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  1. Brad Downs

    So many ways to follow and such little time.
    I need more time.
    I would love to join your membership part but funds just are not there for me. I hope you still keep up all the other podcasts ,webbshows and other info.
    I’ve been a tech for over 30 years certified through Ford dealerships. Started out with VW went through the import line American cars and settled in at Ford.
    But it is like my grandfather said if you can’t learn something new every day there is something wrong with you.

    1. Charles

      HAHA, I totally feel Brad. I need more time too! Please don’t worry about the premium membership. I don’t want anyone to be stretched too thin just to join. The way the show is now, will continue.

      Your grandfather hit it right on the head with that saying man. Cheers!

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