How to Deal With Breaking a Customer’s Car

How to Deal With Breaking a Customer's Car

As a New Technician, or really an experienced one, getting a diagnosis wrong on a car will 100% happen. I don’t care how good a tech is, this will happen. Understanding that you will get some diagnosis wrong is VITAL. It’s also important to learn how to deal with misdiagnosing and how to handle it. If you are a new technician or mechanic this series is for you!

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8 replies
  1. Bob Dundas
    Bob Dundas says:

    Best advice ever. Old adage still true, honesty is the best policy. Nothing would infuriate me more than discovering a shady covered-up mistake not disclosed. That would be the LAST time I went to a place for repairs or service. And the reverse is true – ”oh sir, I broke xxxxx. We ordered a new part, will get you a loaner for now. For sure, that person gets my business over and over again.

  2. Anthony Rowell
    Anthony Rowell says:

    I own a 2017 Touareg V6 Executive. The vehicle has 36,450 mile as of today, 11/19/20. The initial problem started at 32,500. The vehicle had intermittent misfire problem. The problem, covered under warranty, was analyzed and trouble shoot which after three weeks was determined to do a full cylinder head replacement. Carbon buildup is the cause given, which I don’t believe. Can anyone speak to what possible reason for this vehicle needs a cylinder head total replacement with so few miles. All required services have been performed on time by VW service only. This vehicle is driven very responsibly. No other issues with the vehicle ever prior to this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Beck Gloriana
    Beck Gloriana says:

    When it comes to finding a good mechanic who knows what they are doing when working on used cars in Calgary, honesty is definitely the best policy. A mechanic who knows when they have messed up and can be honest about their mistakes and help to find solutions will always get more business than a mechanic that lies about their knowledge or level of work on certified used cars in Calgary.


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