Checking and Replacing Fuses on Your Car VIDEO

Ok, to some of you this might be a really simple thing. Lets remember that at some point ALL of us had to learn this.

I shot this video after a conversation with a customer. Like I said in the video, a customer brought her car in because the 12v outlet was not working. This is actually something that happens a lot. I replaced the fuse and pulled the car around. I put a couple of extra fuses in her ashtray so that if this happened again, she could just replace it, and save a trip in to the dealer.

When I showed her the fuse that needed to be replaced, she looked at me like I was stupid(a look I know very well) 😉 Well I showed her exactly how to replace the fuse. It really hit me and made me fell like an ass. I mean, its just fuse right. Well, there was a time when I had no idea what that meant. So here is how you check a fuse with a test light. This is not the only way to check fuses, but it is one the of fastest, and I think, the easiest.

Oh, that is not the test light I use at work. I have that for use at the house.I also recommend keeping a few extra fuses in your car just in case.

Hey, if you have not checked out Pinterest, it is a pretty cool site. It has replaced my bookmarking on my computer. If you need an invite, let me know, I will hook it up! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I will be fighting my allergies all weekend!

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  1. Bill Foster
    Bill Foster says:

    Hi Charles, great video. Yes, I have used a test light for fuses for decades (but a Snap-On, not a Craftsman! come one!). If you want to mess with one of your co-workers, take out a good fuse and snip the plug off of one side of the fuse. When you hit it with a test light, current goes all the way through, but not into the fuse block. That will keep someone busy for days…not that I ever did that.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      I love that trick. I have gotten lots of guys with that! I also like to just remove the fuse. That gets them too.

      The test light is the one I have for the house. I have a Mac led light at work. I usually use a Power Probe when checking fuses. It takes a minute to set up, but I can blaze through the fuses. I like it because power and ground beep with different tones.

    • mrmel
      mrmel says:

      I have looked all over for the layout for my 2014 VW Passant.
      Can not find the 12v fuse, and for that matter an ID for any of the other of the many fuses in the box.
      A layout would help zero in on the problem fuse.

  2. Matt C.
    Matt C. says:

    Good video… surprisingly I have never had to replace one of these on my cars! But good to know anyway.

    Regarding Pinterest… I have an account but I still don’t know what to use it for. Their site confuses me.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      My wife LOVES Pinterest. I basically use it to replace my bookmarks on the computer. I like that you can share pictures with other people too. I think its worth spending some time on. I will see if I can talk my wife into doing a post on her blog. Just don’t hold your breathe 😉


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