A New ToolBox ~ Husky 46″ Mobile Workbench

Husky Mobile Workbench

I get questions about which tool box to buy all the time. What’s the best tool box? How much should I spent on my first mechanic’s tool box? Should I buy a used tool box? These are just some of the most popular questions.

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Husky Mobile Workbench

Today we are looking the the Husky 46″ Mobile Workbench. This tool box comes in a $398 retail, and you can catch in sale around the holidays.  Mine came fully assembled, I just had to install the drawer liners.

Husky Mobile Workbench

The size of the box is a good fit in the shop. I moved all my tools from my roll kart, into this box, and have plenty of space. The tool box has 19,650 cu. in. of storage. This comes from a total of 9 drawers, including one double wide drawer at the top, and 4 on each side. The 4 drawers on each size have 3 different depths. The bottom drawer is nice for the tools stored in molded cases.

Husky Mobile Workbench

As timing worked out, I was able to use this tool box as more of a work station during my transmission rebuild. Its nice to have the tools you need right there. The wood top stood up to a good amount of sliding and shifting not only the transmission case, but all the gears as well.

Husky Mobile Workbench

I also added the pegboard back wall for the Mobile Workbench. If you have this box, I highly recommend getting the back wall. I used to to store and stage parts as I was rebuilding the GTI transmission. This let me keep parts off the bench and out of the way, but still in eyesight. Plus it helps keep parts from rolling off the back of the box. This add-on is a great buy at $40

Pros of the Husky 46″ Mobile Workbench:

  • Great amount storage
  • Built-in USB and power strip
  • Nice work surface
  • Varying Drawer depth
  •  24.5″ deep front to back
  • Great value at $398,

Cons of the Husky 46″ Mobile Workbench:

  • Taller users may find the work surface a little low
  • Drawers do not open all the way. The deepest 2 inches of draw is slightly covered
  • Drawers have some shake back and forth when opening or closing.
  • The back wall doesn’t come with the tool box

Overall I think this is a great box for the price. If you are a new mechanic tooling for a tool box, this is a good option. As a home mechanic’s tool box its great! If I was on the hustle and bustle of flat rate, opening and closing the drawers 150 times a day might be an issue. It’s not fair to compare a $400 tool box to a $10,000 one. At the end of the day, both hold tools. LOL

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  1. Stephen Bopple
    Stephen Bopple says:

    I got the 52″ Huskey Toolbox in stainless steel ($599). Same box just a bit bigger and fits perfectly the medium sized foam trays for my Sonic Tools “Quick Service” tool set (was hard to find a tool box to fit the foam trays). Really a great value for a beginning DIY’er.

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