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Prepping and Cleaning Your Car For Winter

Prepping and Cleaning Your Car For WinterToday we are joined by an expert in the car care field. Mike from Meguiar’s joins us to talk about prepping and  keeping our cars clean for the winter. Most of us love having a clean car. Well in many places winter can be extremely harsh on our cars exterior. One of the great things about SEMA 2015 was the chance to talk to so many people. And I think you guys are going to love hearing right from the source on winter car care.

Join Mike and I as we chat:

  • A good coat of wax
  • Washing car in winter
  • Are “self service” car wash okay?
  • Best way to dry your car
  • Spray wax aka “booster wax”
  • Cleaning a car’s headlight
  • Keeping the windshields clean
  • Keeping the inside clean
  • Keep the smell out
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Prepping and Cleaning Your Car For Winter ~ Podcast Episode 108” on YouTube.

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