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Hey folks!
There will be no real post today. I have a Behind The Wrench interview, but I can’t get it formatted right so it will need to wait.

I hate days when I don’t get a post out for you guys.

I am at work today and there have been some customer service issues that you guys will be hearing about soon. To be honest I have been in a really bad mood because if it all day. Let’s just say that the crap people talk about service departments was SPOT ON today!

Ok, enough of that. What does everyone got planned this weekend? Any cool projects? I get the pleasure of installing some flooring finally!

Oh, don’t forget that I am still looking for questions for another rapid fire Q&A You can post questions you have about cars, car repair, maintenance, being a mechanic, the auto industry, tools something else cool I never thought of..

I hope you all have a rocking weekend. I will be back on Monday with a new post. Feel free to connect with me on any of the social media site, the links are on the right.