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There are a lot of goals I have with the automotive podcast. A huge goal is to help technicians get better. If you are a new tech starting out, or an experienced tech needing a reboot, I am here to help. I encourage folks to send in questions so I know where I can best lend a hand.

One of the questions that I get the most is:

“Charles, I am just starting out as an auto mechanic or automotive technician, any advice to get my career going?”

Well folks, it just so happens that I do have some advice. In fact I have a ton of advice. But understand that you are not going to watch one YouTube video and “get it”. This is a process. Just like learning how to fix cars is a process, learning how to be a complete mechanic takes time. So I put together this video to help get you on track with becoming a successful new auto mechanic.

Join me today as we discuss:

  • Knowing your roll as a new tech
  • NEVER stop working
  • Give it a try first
  • Be patient technician(it’s harder than you think)
  • Advice from Todd Gordan, Joey Logano’s crew chief
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “5 Must Follow Tips For New Auto Mechanics” on YouTube.

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10 Habits of Successful Technicians; Podcast Episode 23

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. Today we are talking about 10 habits of a Successful Technician. Even the best technicians or mechanics can stand to tune up our game. I sat down that thought of the things that I am really good at and the things that I struggle with.

As I say in every show and post, be sure to post any questions or comments below. This is a community for all of us. I want to be sure that everyone feels good about posting their thoughts. So if you have a tip or a habit you can share, please share it.

Join in as we chat about:

  1. Be Punctual
  2. Have the right tools
  3. Known your product
  4. NEVER forget the basics
  5. Listen
  6. Work smart
  7. Always keep learning
  8. Know when to ask for help
  9. Do not be scared of a job
  10. Work with your customers

If you are having trouble watching, you can see it at 10 Habits of Successful Technicians; Podcast Episode 23

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