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How To Check and Replace a Door Latch MK5 GTI

How To Check and Replace a Door latch is a very common vw repair. This can be due to a sticking door, stuck door, a door that will not open, or a door that will not lock or unlock. There are also some checks you should do before replacing the door latch.

Big time thanks to FCP Euro for partnering with me on this project. This allows me to get some videos done for you guys that I would not have otherwise been able to do. The car will only be here for a short time, but we will fix a TON of stuff on it.

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door latch faiure

IMG_3518Today we look at how VW door latches fail.This is an issue not just with the Jetta as shown in the video. This is a part that I have replaced all across the brand. Every car in the VW line has had an issue with door latch failures. You may also hear them called “door lock modules”. That is because they are such an important part of the central locking system

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The sponsor of today’s show is Deutsche Auto Parts. They are the VW and Audi parts experts. I know them personally and they are great guys. You see how many sponsors I have. I have high standards for the people I recommend. Paul and the guys fit that bill. Plus they did a MK4 Jetta door latch DIY video. Check them out at DeutschAutoParts.com

Today we look at:

  • How VW door latches work
  • How VW door latches fail
  • What are the symptoms of VW door latches failing.
  • Most common is “My Jetta door will not lock”.
  • Ways to diagnose VW door latch failures
  • Skill required to replace door latch
  • And more

You might have a failing door latch if:

  • Your VW door will not lock
  • Your VW door will not unlock
  • Your door shows open when it’s closed, or closed when open
  • Cluster doesn’t light up when door is opened. MK5 and up mostly
  • Doors will auto lock all the time
  • Windows do not drop when doors are unlocked (Beetle convertible, EOS, CC)
  • Alarm goes off by itself
  • And more


If you are having trouble viewing, check out “How VW Door Latches Fail~ Video” on YouTube.

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