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VR6 Coolant Pipe and Thermostat Housing DIY

IMG_4010This is a DIY on replacing the VW VR6 coolant pipe, aka Crack Pipe, and thermostat housing. on the AAA VR6 engine. We learn how to replace the pipe and a few things to be careful of. This is another video in the MK3 DIY series. You can check out the Mk3 GTI walk around video I did. This is also a DIY that I struggled with. It was one of those jobs that very little goes right. I will probably do a video showing all of that.

Important information before starting this repair:

  • Tools needed for this coolant pipe DIY
  • Eurowise Thermostat Housing
  • Eurowise thermostat housing review
  • Some struggles I had doing this repair
  • Removing the front end is not always necessary, but can make it easier
  • Check out more DIY videos here
  • Here are all the MK3 GTI videos
  • and more

Trouble veiwing? Watch “VR6 Coolant Pipe and Thermostat Housing DIY” on YouTube.

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