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Humble Mechanic Podcast
Humble Mechanic Podcast
Understanding Vehicle Warranties ~ Audio Podcast Episode 25

Understanding a vehicle warranty can be tricky. They use some odd language, and it always seems like they try to find ways NOT to cover a failure. Today I am going to talk about several different types of warranties, how to understand what is and what is not a covered item, and where to find all this information about your car’s warranty. Humble Mechanic automotive Podcast Become A CrewMember
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Join me as we discuss vehicle warranties:

  • Base car warranty AKA bumper to bumper
  • Powertrain warranty
  • Federal Emissions warranty
  • Corrosion warranty
  • What MAY be covered
  • What is probably NOT covered
  • Why a dealer will not “just fix it all”
  • Manufacturer tracking of repairs
  • Dealership chargebacks
  • Where to find warranty information
  • All about Buying an Extended Warranty
  • and more

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