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Hey everyone. Today we are talking about the Busted Knuckle Garage Work Bench Mat. As I mention in the video, this was purchased on a whim. This is a cool mat. If you have never seen anything by Busted Knuckle Garage, they do some neat garage decor type stuff. Some of it is snarky and I like that 🙂

It seems their prices fluctuate on each item. I recommend comparing Amazon and Busted Knuckle for the best price.

In this tool review, we talk about:

  • Why I bought this
  • The thing that would make this amazing
  • built in trays
  • Liquid trap
  • funnel
  • Pricing
  • When it is a MUST buy
  • When it is a fair buy
  • Get this mat on Amazon for $19
    and FREE shipping on Prime Busted Knuckle Garage BKG-80 Work Bench Mat
  • and more

If you are having trouble viewing, watch “Busted Knuckle Garage, Work Bench Mat Review” on YouTube.

As always your comments and questions are very welcome. Do you guys use mats like this? If so, what kind? Or are there better solutions that I don’t know about. If you are just looking for something to set on a bench, I found this one for about the same price JEGS Performance Products 80170 Workbench Utility Mat.

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