Preventing and Fixing Carbon Issues for Direct Injection Engines ~ Episode 80

Published on July 3, 2015 under Podcast

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am back in the Passat with another automotive podcast. I get asked about carbon buildup on direct injection engines all the time. Generally they are asking about the newer VW engines the TSI. That would be engine codes CCTA and CBFA. These direct injection engines are developing issues with carbon on the back of the intake valves. This is not just a VW problem. This is an issue with most direct injection engines.

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Join me today as we chat about:

  • Why these engines have carbon build up
  • Theories from BG products
  • PCV systems
  • Oil service lengths
  • How to prevent carbon buildup
  • The “Italian TuneUp”
  • How to fix carbon buildup
  • VW recommended fuel treatment
  • and more

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  1. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy

    I like the reference to the Italian tune Up.

    Have you ever seen anyone try a light mist of water in the intake when the engine is good and hot?

    I have used it with a snow blower engine to clean up carbon, and it worked good. Although I don’t know if it would cause issues with various sensors in modern car engines.

    Plus too much water could cause issues as well.

  2. J_Fix

    I wonder if the cylinder head where hemispherical, it might change the air/fuel swirl and be able to mix in with all the available space and air. Of course then one should consider the “problems” of a hemispherical engine with direct injection.

  3. stephan

    I heard you mention a catch can. I have read quite a bit about them but there seems to be little long term analysis. To me it makes sense but before I spend $300 or so dollars on one I would like to know if they are effective against carbon build up.

  4. fdsfsdf

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