Why I Teach People About Cars ~ Podcast Episode 91

Teaching about cars

Today’s show comes on the heals of a comment on Instagram. I posted about the DIY Oil Change video I had done. Someone asked me the following question.

“I get that being famous is cool, but why would you teach people to do what makes you money? Are they paying for the knowledge?”

Let me first say, what I do here has nothing to do with fame. I don’t care about that. I care about helping the folks that are looking to gain insight in to the automotive world.

Join me today as we chat:

  • Teaching something for free, you would normally get paid for
  • The DIY Oil Change video in question.
  • It is about reaching people outside of your dealer
  • Showing how most mechanics and technicians care about your car
  • Inspiring people to learn
  • Not everyone will use a DIY to to the repair.
  • It is about understanding a job
  • How DIY videos HELP dealerships
  • Building trust
  • and more

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3 replies
  1. Mathew
    Mathew says:

    In addition to everything stated, I have found that using DYI videos in the shop can save some headaches too. I’ve been wrenching away on several non-VWs as used cars that were traded in. Things pop up like “How to set TPMS on a 2011 BMW 3-Series” or “Resetting an oil service light on a Nissan” have helped in leaps and bounds for becoming more familiar with other brands. I’m sure someone out there at a Non-VW dealership can find a ton of info here that may just persuade them to consider a VW in the future or possibly pursuing them to move to a VW dealer later on.

    As always, another great video.

  2. Scott
    Scott says:

    Nice rant! Your passion is obvious, and contagious as I am sure this will fire up some technicians who wrench for the right reason. Sharing knowledge builds bonds and promotes positive behavior. Your character shows through when you get on the soap box, and it’s all good. Our fellow techs might remember this episode when they deal with customers, and when confronted with a similar opportunity may just bring another knuckle buster into the fellowship of the wrench!


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