Volkswagen Cabriolet Project, What the Chalk?

Auto Mechanic Project Cabriolet

Well, as promised, I shot a video of the Cabby last night. After work last night I spent a few hours replacing the clutch. I will dedicate a post solely to that soon. Lets just say it was toast!

As you can see, I have some BIG TIME work a head of me. That is the fun part about the project right? I will say that the car is in pretty darn good condition.

After I test drove it, I found it would not stay running. A vacuum hose came off on the front side of the engine. I fixed that. Then I found the distributor cap and rotor were worn out. I got those coming along with some new spark plugs.

Well, what do you think? In over my head? I would love to know.;) I hope you all have an awesome weekend. I have some pics of the damaged clutch and some before and afters for everyone. I will post them asap.

If you knew that my first car was red, click one of the buttons below. BTW my first car was red.

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  1. Brett
    Brett says:

    Finishing the video with a shot of that sad superhero on the back quarter panel was fitting. I imagine he has the same face you made when you saw the Cabriolet come back looking like it does.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    You’re not in over your head. As you said, it’s a project. What fun would a project be if it was easy.

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy says:

      Try some paint thinner then polish out the clear coat. Should work. I like the astro turf shift knob also haha

      • Charles
        Charles says:

        HAHA, yeah that shifter is “sweet”!

        I am gonna try several different methods. My plan is to do testing and shoot videos showing what works and what does not work.

        I think step one will be interior. I needs some carpet. I also want to make sure I handle any possible rust.

  3. Steve M.
    Steve M. says:

    In honor of the project start-date being near Cinco de Mayo, repaint it in the colors of the Mexican Flag and call it Cabri-Olé!

    Hit up brands like Ortega, Azteca Foods, La Favorita, Taco Bell, Jose Cuervo and the like for sponsorship funds.

  4. Matt C.
    Matt C. says:

    Yikes… what were they smoking when they came up with that color scheme!??! It is like they were deliberately trying to destroy the car.

  5. Alex@iHeartEuro
    Alex@iHeartEuro says:

    I got an ’88 Cabrio last summer as a project, the fuel distributor was acting up quite a bit and as I started to figure out what’s wrong with it I got an offer to sell the car. Double than what I paid for it so I sold it… a B4 VR6 is my new project car although I am still hoping to own a top notch MK1 one day 😉

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Hey Alex,
      I am pretty sure that I would have done exactly what you did. This car doesn’t run perfect. It drives fine, but doesn’t like to sit at idle. I figured I will drive it a bit, then put some fresh fuel in it. Clean intake and go from there.

      Congrats on the B4. We had one in the shop yesterday. Not a car that we see all that much. It’s funny to see one next to a new Passat. It looks so tiny.


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