Viewer Questions ~ Podcast Episode 63

Viewer Car Questions ANSWERED ~ Audio Podcast Episode 63

Hey everyone. Today I am answering your automotive related questions that you have sent to Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com and put question for Charles in the subject. I really love doing the Q&A shows. It gives me an idea where  you guys are at, and the topics that you want to know about. If you send in a question and don’t here the answer, send it again. It may have got eaten by the spam monster.

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I would like to welcome RainEater wiper blades to the community. They have joined up to help bring you the show. I did a review of RainEater wipers a few weeks ago. They loved the community and wanted to be a part of it. So check out that review, and check out their blades at They even demo their blades on a windshield covered in mustard.

Join me today as I take your automotive questions on:

  • Will I be going to Southern Worthersee
  • A promotion at the shop
  • Welcoming a new sponsor
  • More about what it means to be a Humble Mechanic Sponsor
  • Replacing a part vs replacing just a seal
  • 2.0t TSI engine oil leaks
  • Earning other’s trust
  • Getting along with other techs
  • People having faith in your work
  • Why would a part NOT be replaced under warranty
  • How the VW Dual Mass Flywheel fails
  • Buying a certified pre-owed VW
  • Possible issues with a 2011 VW GTI
  • SOWO 2013
  • And more

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Old school VWs at Southern Worthersee

Old school VWs at Southern Worthersee

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Please post them in the comments section below. Again, if you have a question for a show like this, email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com with Question for Charles in the subject. Also if you have an idea for a show you can email me, or use the contact me form!

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2 replies
  1. J_Fix
    J_Fix says:

    (Why would a part NOT be replaced under warranty.)
    Maybe not everyone can afford 110 dollars per hour from the dealer shop so they take it to a shop were the mechanics are not properly informed on proper procedure, not that I am telling their doing a bad thing, after all volkswagen was supposed to be the “peoples” car.

    Also i asked if you came across a sitaution were a particular replcement part you have ever installed was made/manufactured incorrectly (in email) I apologize because I did not think about the sponsor you had on the show, and how they would associate that to themselves worrying about negative associations of others.

    When it comes to buying a certified pre-owned I would value the advice of honest mechanic over that, anyone could stamp a sticker saying certified pre owned.

    I am not intentionally being negative towards vw, so far their cars seem to be sensible but fun and economical, but of course for any company the goal is profit so they will change based on the WANTS of their buyers.


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