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Yesterday’s giveaway was HUGE! I have emailed the winner and will announce who it is, when I hear back.

I have got a few emails asking why I am doing these giveaways. There are a bunch of reasons. First, I like giving things away. I think it is fun. Working with folks and their cars can be tough. So doing ultra fun giveaway breaks that up. It is also a good to get to know you all. That is why I am asking you to post things. I have such sentimental attachment to my first car. So I want to hear about your first car. It is things like that that make all the work I do worth it.

Okay, enough about all that. Let’s get to Tuesday’s giveaway!

Snap on giveaway

 Today we more Snap-on goodies! This is a Snap-on T shirt, socks, a drink koozie, and a VW key chain. As you can tell, I am a Snap-on fan 😉

Yesterday I asked what your first car was. Today, post your funniest car related story(keep it clean kids 😉 ) in the comments section. Here is my funny car story

When I worked at Carmax, I would drive the toll road everyday. There was a spot on the toll road my radar detector would always go off. Same spot every day. The spot was about 500ft from my exit.

One morning my girlfriend (wife now) and I were heading to breakfast. We were heading down the stretch of tollway I drove everyday. My radar detector went off. She told me to slow down. I said, “don’t worry, this thing always goes off here”. About 2 seconds after I said that, I seen the blue lights flashing. I got pulled for going about 10 over the speed limit.

I pretty much got what was coming. Okay, post your funniest car related story in the comments. Just like yesterday, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner.

Grand Prize
Be sure to submit your messiest tool box drawer on the Facebook page. There is a post pinned post with all the submissions The most likes wins. The key to getting likes on your picture is sharing that post. If you are not on Facebook contact me.

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  1. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    My car has an awesome mustache and I get points, laughs, thumbs up, and stares all the time, hooray for mustaches!!!!!!

  2. Michael Herron aka VWSpeedFreak
    Michael Herron aka VWSpeedFreak says:

    I was speeding one night and got pulled over by a State Patrol officer. I was on the shoulder when the officer walked up and asked me if I knew why he pulled me over of course I knew but said no idea. He told me I was way over the posted speed limit ( I was going 90 or so in a 70). I asked him how fast was I going? As he was about to tell me an 18 wheeler drove by and the force of the wind caused him to drop his flash light it rolled under my car. He then asked me if I would pull forward so he could retrieve it I said “Yes sir”. I was slowly inching forward trying not to run over his foot or his flash light. The officer told me to just run it over it wont hurt it. About that time I rolled over it and heard it crunch. The officer picked up his now broken flashlight and comes back to my window and said ” Due to my unfortunate flashlight incident I am going to let you off with a warning sit tight and let me run your licence for warrants”. After he walked away my wife looked at me and said “Only you can get off with a warning for something like this.” I told her ” I would take the ticket after running over his flashlight.” The officer came back and told us “To have a safe night and slow down.” I have never been that lucky again.

  3. Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer says:

    I’ll probably incriminate myself here…but when I was a teen we used to go “shopping cart bowling” with my car…push a cart as fast as you can with your car into a snowbank or parking divider. Anyway…one store wised up and put all their carts in a line for the night. Being the delinquent I was, I used my car and tipped the whole line of carts over.

  4. Philipp
    Philipp says:

    When I was living in Germany, my friends and I would do a road trip every winter to go skiing in France. Somehow we always ended up spending one night in the car, because we either got stuck in a snow storm or something went wrong with the hotel. So that is our running joke now.
    The funniest one was when we were trying to find this restaurant, using a GPS, my friend was driving. We were quite literally in the middle of nowhere, there was one house on the right and all fields otherwise. The GPS said to turn right in 150 meters or something similar. So my friend decides to just turn right into the driveway of the single house in the area. Of course, this was not where the GPS wantes us to turn, so he had to turn around and decides to do this on the field next to the driveway. Now we were driving a Mercedes here, so rear wheel drive, not much ground clearance. Of course he got stuck immediately. He said he thought it was a parking lot, not a field.
    So there we were a bunch of German guys in the middle if France, not speaking any French, trying to get the car out of the field. Eventually the people living at the house noticed us and came out on the balcony and watched us. Luckily one of my friends was able to ask them to help us and finally we got the car out.

  5. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy
    Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy says:

    Icy roads, and an inexperienced driver. I ended up backing into a snowbank. The tires on the car were barely touching the ground.

    Luckily I was only a couple of blocks from home, and I got some neighbors to help push me out.

  6. Dave
    Dave says:

    I don’t have many funny car stories of my own. Various from customers and friends, but not mine. Unless want to count the time I took my then-girlfriend (now wife) for a ride in my Cherokee on a two-track. There was maybe a couple inches of snow and I had been there many times, including in two wheel drive cars. What I didn’t know was someone had dug it all up with their truck, so I was surprised when the front right dropped about 30″ and lifted the left rear right off the ground. She wasn’t too impressed as we waited for a buddy to come pull us out.

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    Not especially funny to other people, but funny to me: I was on the way to a Pinnacles climbing trip from Santa Barbara. On the way up, I stopped on BLM land to camp by myself. I ended up getting in a lot earlier than I expected, so I mobbed around the BLM land in my Camry. There was this one hill that i tried storming, but didn’t quite make it. I ended up sliding and putting both passenger side wheels in a deep ditch. Being by myself and stuck, I had a few beers then set up a pulley system with climbing rope and carabiners, to winch myself out.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Let me just say that it is 6:15am and I am sitting in the living room cracking the hell up at your stories.

      We need to figure out a way to incorporate this type of thing on the blog. Maybe a small weekly segment?

      What do you guys think?

  8. Brian Hall
    Brian Hall says:

    My brother in law and I were offroading in his stock Toyota Tacoma with a bunch of lifted locked jeeps and he decided to show his mighty Tacoma’s powers by driving into a frozen river in an attention to make it to the other side. Needless to say we got stuck very fast and the truck began to sink, water level rose to the hood. For fear the engine may hydro lock if we killed the engine we left it running with the engine fully submerged for 9 hours until we came back with a bull dozed to yank it out. Truck never made a hiccup. We replaced the sogging wet air filter and drove off.

  9. Patrick Roehrman
    Patrick Roehrman says:

    I once thought I would try to go around some barricades while it was raining in a 2 wheel drive Isuzu Pickup after a long time of trying to get out my friends showed up to pull me out but not before the cops showed up 🙁 the cop looked at the ruts and then looked back at the truck a couple of times and then asked if it was 4 wheel drive I smiled and assured him it wasn’t 😉

  10. Jeff Dutton aka NEADubhunter
    Jeff Dutton aka NEADubhunter says:

    In the late 80’s I owned a 1969 Ford F-250 4×4 Crew Cab. me and some buddies decided to go Muddin’. After playing around the fields we decided to follow a trail into the woods. Of the 4 trucks mine was the oldest. the rest decided that the trail was too bad so they wanted to ride with me. My truck was running 38’s at the time. We were treading in about 2 foot of water for most of the trail. In the distance we see something in the trail. With no place to turn around and not wanting to back up for a half mile we move forward. As we approach the item we discover it is a beaver dam, built right on the trail. So I drive through/over it and come out on the other side. My buddies deemed the truck Mudford after that. “That is one Muddin’ Ford” It was designated trail captain on every trip after that

  11. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I was driving to lunch with my father when he got a flat tire. He called AAA because he didn’t know how to change it himself. My boyfriend had just taught me how to change a tire the week before. I ended up having to change the tire myself in a sundress and platform sandles because I didn’t want to stand on the side of the road for a hour to wait for the AAA guy. I think my dad was horrified that he had to stand there while people drove by saw me doing it for him.

  12. Seth
    Seth says:

    The wife and I decided we wanted an Outback as our next vehicle. Went to two different dealers and just could not cut a deal (inventory, price, etc). Went to a third dealer and drive home in a Forester.

    If you had asked me if I would have thought that would happen in the morning I would have said no. I still chuckle about how things turn out from time to time.

  13. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    It wasn’t funny at the time but here goes:
    My first car a ’74 beetle, she needed a lot of work. One afternoon I was showing off my new car and for slime reason or another decided to turn it around. Simple enough maneuver, except this beetle didn’t have brakes at the time. While in reverse my fifteen year old self stalled her. And she rolled into a tree, crushing the passenger side fender. Oooppps. My girlfriend was no doubt impressed by my stupidity.

  14. matt
    matt says:

    when i was 16, me and a friend went to the nearest city which is a hour away. so we go up there do our thing, i see a shopping cart in the lot and i hit it just for fun being a goofy kid. Later on we were heading back to some of my old haunts in that town and the truck started to vibrate strangely.

    not sure what it was, got out to check and couldn’t find anything, well being a goofy kid i though well why not do some doughnuts and whoopties in the old high school lot. so did one to the left, one to to the right, and a straight shot. didnt’ do a blasted thing, didn’t improve or make the condtion worse.

    seeing as i couldn’t go about 40mph without the truck shaking we take the back way home at max 40mph. drop him off at home, all back roads to his place in the country and shaking the whole way. get home and let it be till the next day, get in the truck next day, just fine in fact its just fine for a few days. i even hauled two loads of wood and on the third trip it acts up.

    so i tell dad we can’t do haul another load with it like this, next day we take the drive shaft out, find out i had a cracked u joint! first and only time ive had a part fix itself and then act up later! i think it had 100 miles on that sucker before it got figured out!

  15. Charles
    Charles says:

    Wow you guys have some awesome stories! Tuesday’s giveaway is now closed. I have emailed the winner and will announce when I hear back.

    I still have not heard back from Mondays winner. So check your spam folder just in case.


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