Top 5 VW Fails ~ 2.0t TSI Engine

2.0T timing chain tensioner failureToday I am back talking about more VW failures. This time we are looking at the top failures of the TSI engine. The VW TSI engine is the redesign of the BPY engine. The BPY had it’s fair share of issues. When the TSI came out, we thought VW finally got it right. While the TSI is not free of issues, I still think it’s a pretty good engine. Heck I own a car with the engine in it.

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Join me today as we break down the TSI:

  • Failing TSI Intake Manifolds
  • Carbon Build up and cold start misfires
  • Leaking TSI water pumps
  • Failing TSI timing chain tensioners
  • TSI Oil leaks
  • Rapid fire TSI failures!
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Top 5 VW Fails ~ 2.0t TSI Engine” on YouTube.

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  1. Marc coetzee
    Marc coetzee says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much your really informative videos. The reason for my comment is that I really need help trying to diagnose my vehicle. I don’t have a vagcom system to test my vehicle, I am getting an error code P2293 n276, I originally thought it was my high pressure fuel pump which I bought a brand new Bosch hpfp but this did not solve my issue and I’m still getting the same error code. Before this happed my car would not accelerate when I first started it, but after a few minutes it would accelerate. I have tested power getting to the hpfp (9.5 V), when I checked if I was getting power to the control fuel module I would get about 12V, but then I would get no power from the control fuel module to the tank. I tried giving power to the internal fuel pump but no fuel come out. I am at my wits end and I just do not have the finances to take it into a shop. All I’m asking is for somebody to just trouble shoot with me over the phone.
    Thank you

  2. StevieChris
    StevieChris says:

    Enjoy watching your videos! I just saw this while looking for a used Tiguan. I have my eye on a 2012 or 2013. Any tips when looking? I was set on a tig, but now I might be re-thinking it after seeing these. ha

  3. Binaebi Yibowei
    Binaebi Yibowei says:

    What causes the timing chain to jump in 2010 VW Passat TSI engine? I just bought a new top cylinder and I would like to avoid the disaster. Also, what’s the best oil to use after recoupling the engine. My mech is suggesting 20W50.


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