Volkswagen water damageThe VW Touareg and I have spent many many hours together. Some of that time was great, other times were a real struggle. I really learned how to be a technician because of the Touareg and all the problems that it had. There are many reasons that the VW Touareg was such a nightmare for customers  and techs. That being said, if the Touareg never happened, I would not be nearly as good of a mechanic as I am today.

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Join me today as we discuss:

  • Common VW Touareg failures
  • Touareg Tire Pressure Monitor issues
  • Touareg Tire wear issues
  • VW Touareg Electrical issues
  • VW Touareg driveshaft fails
  • Touareg interface issues
  • Touareg Ad-Blue issues
  • Rapid fire problems
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Top 5 Failures of the Volkswagen Touareg” on Youtube.

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14 replies
  1. tony
    tony says:

    Hi my friend ca you please give me and advice. I have a 06 volkswagen beetle 2.5l mu vacuum pump is leaking I saw on line that there is a delete kit for this part.would I have any problems on my car if I install this kit.thank you for your time and you have a very good show.

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hi, I have a 2007 VW tourag 6 cyl, it has 80k miles. One day when I started it up I had a noise coming for the engine compartment, I tried to figure it out but no luck, so I brought it to the dealer they said it was a pre cat ??? Causing the exhust fumes to flow. Do you have any information on this issue? Is this something you have see before.

  3. Kevin perry
    Kevin perry says:

    I have an oppertunity to by a 2007 Touareg! I seen you problems video. What’s your opinion! Should I purchase it at $7,500.00 or continue shopping’!
    Please help!

  4. sunny dipson
    sunny dipson says:

    I bought 2005 Touareg, V8 for my sister in Nigeria and when she’s on highway it stop , she will try pull over, cut off the engine wait like 5minute and ‘re start and it drives like nothing ever happened..
    Can u tell me what’s the problem pls.

  5. William
    William says:

    Can you comment on whether I should purchase a 2016 TDI Lux Touareg, new, and that has had the emissions repair? Do you think some, many or all of the issues you discuss in your video have been improved? Many thanks.

  6. Daniel F Sloan
    Daniel F Sloan says:

    Have an 2008 Touareg 8 cylinder. Went to start the car in the morning, car would not start. Dealer investigated and says anti-theft issues. Now they cannot unlock the steering wheel and want to replace the steering column because they cannot the the steering lock to release. Is it really necessary to replace the entire column??

  7. patricia
    patricia says:

    I have a 04 Tuareg with the front of the vehicle is almost touching the ground and the back up higher. vehicle was bouncing while driving and felt like it was going to stop the dash had a stop faulty running gear came on the dash and I tow it to a mechanic who cant figure out why the vehicle is doing this. Can You help or suggest what is causing this.

  8. Mark de Roche
    Mark de Roche says:

    Hi humble, my name is Mark I am from Trinidad and I run a auto shop ,I am building a diesel 2.5 TDI Touareg ….I need a brand new block ????? Help

  9. Rich
    Rich says:

    Hi Humble!
    A friend of mine inherited a 2006 Touareg and I want to help give it a tune-up and fix any other issues I find. I want to purchase a repair manual for this vehicle like the Bentley manuals I purchase for my BMWs. I cannot find a good repair manual source. Can you recommend a good repair manual?

  10. Daniel C Laclair
    Daniel C Laclair says:

    Hi Humble,

    I recently purchased a used post diesel gate warrantied 2012 TDI Toureg. A 30amp fuse blows every other day. When it does the electric steering rack stops working. The Hydraulic steering still works but it’s just harder to turn. The footwell lights will go out as well as the horn. When I replace it everything starts working again. The interior dome lights never work either even though i have zero blown fuses.

    I have 3 faults that an OBDeleven will not clear:

    00059 – Terminal 30 for Interior Lighting
    01330 – Central Control Module for Central Convenience
    03233 – Garage door opener operating unit

    Should i just trade this thing in? Did I buy someone else’s problems?


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