RainEater wiper blade review

Wiper blades are one of the most important things on a vehicle. Sadly they are also very often overlooked. Or people opt for the cheap $4 blades that do not last, or do not properly clear the windshield. As a dealer tech, I am very much a fan of factory wiper blades. So when the folks at RainEater asked me to check their wipers out, I jumped on that challenge. Overall I was impressed with the build quality of these wipers. I also like that they are not capped at the end of the blade like the factory ones. That is one less failure point.

Join me today as we test drive RainEater wiper blades:

  • What I look for in a wiper bladeRainEater wiper blade review
  • Compare to OEM wipers
  • First non OEM wipers on my Passat
  • Ease of install
  • Cleaning the windshield
  • Pros of RainEater wiper blades
  • Cons of RainEater wiper blades
  • Demo of OEM wiper blades
  • Demo of RainEater wiper blades
  • RainEater on Facebook
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “RainEater Wiper Blade Review ~ Video” on YouTube.

Overall I think these are pretty good wipers. I left them on my Passat for a long term update.

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Hey folks!

Its Shop Shots time! I did a post yesterday about the new mechanic logo, if you didn’t see it, check it out. She posts on Instagram as Hammerhand. Since I can’t figure out how to link to that, just search for her. She posts all kinds of really awesome artwork and tattoos that she does. Oh, and her name “HammerHand”, yeah it’s how she tattoos. Trust me! 😉

This is a picture of a 2007 New Beetle Convertible. I had to take the front end off to replace the oil filter housing. It looks like it would be a worse job that it is. The front ends of VWs actually come off pretty easy. There are a lot of repairs that require removing the front end. VW calls it service position. I like how it looks like there is a funny mustache made into the core support. HA

I know this isn’t technically a shot in the shop, but I wanted to post it anyway. It seems that my iphone doesn’t take the best night pics, but someone asked me what my H.I.D.s looked like. I installed this kit on my 2005 VW Passat. The headlights are a 5,000k color. That is as close to white light as you can get. The fog lights are 3000k. That is a very yellow color. It actually cuts fog pretty well. I love the light output of HIDs. At some point, I will get a kit for my wife’s truck. When that happens, I will do an install video for you guys.

Ok, Ok, this is not in the shop either, but I think I want to sneak a beer pic into Shop Shots. First, notice the car is in park. We were tailgating before a Carolina Hurricanes game. Bell’s HopSlam is one of the most sought after beers in the area. When it comes out, people FREAK OUT about it. The other one is a pretty good milk stout. My wife was drinking that one. HA, I guess I just wanted to post pictures of my car this week. 😉

This is a video I shot the other day at work. If you look at the right wiper, you can see if flopping around. The other wiper was split too. Folks, replacing wiperblades is something EVERYONE can do. If you don’t want to mess with it, buy them at the dealer, and ask them to install them for you. We install them for free. I want everyone to go out and check your wipers today. I am not kidding. DO IT! 🙂

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