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Some may find it hard to buy holiday gifts for the gear head in their life. This Christmas season, don’t chance getting the wrong gift for that car fanatic. Here are some of my recommendations for “Gear Head Gifts”

41m1mclxy-l-_sl160_Jack and Jack Stands
This is a must for anyone doing their own car repairs. The jack so the car can be lifted to work underneath, and the stands for added safety. This kit is great because it also comes with wheel chocks. That is an important part of lifting a vehicle. One thing that may be worth adding is these Jack Pads. They will help prevent damage to the pinch welds on the car. You could also cheat and use a hockey puck. 


41vzayhyuil-_sl160_Vehicle Service Manual 
This is a great addition to every gear head’s book collection. A repair manual will give important information like torque specs, how to’s, and other important repair information. There are a number of different companies that make repair manual. Most cars have a Chilton or Haynes manual. If your gear head owns a German car, Bentley manuals are the best. There may also be sites a PDF may be available for download.


41pvewow7ul-_sl160_Dash Cam
To me a dash camera is becoming more of a need than a want. With all the crazies on the road, its nice to have proof of what is going on. The hope is you never need that type of footage. Maybe of us gear heads like to record our drives. A dash cam is great, and may be more reliable than certain “action” cameras. Don’t for get the SD cards. This one will only support 32gb max. You can even get one like the Waylens, that connects to your OBD port.


51zffww8vjl-_sl160_-2Jump Start Pack 
This is something that I use all the time. I actually did a review of this Noco Genius. This is the best jump pack I have owned, and is one of the best ones we have in the shop. It is great to toss in the car and keep it for emergencies. In addition to being a great gear head gift, it’s great for back up power. During a recent hurricane, it kept my wife’s cell phone charged for 2 days.


61s8tbzbhjl-_sl160_Emergency Car Kit
This is something that every car on the road should have. And while kits like this may not be everything you will ever need, it’s a great start. Having a kit with first aid kit, jumper cables, basic hand tools, a flashlight and more is a great start. An emergency car kit is one of the things you hope you never need, but you will be glad when you need it. I have found that I use my stuff like this help out others more than I need it.


4135f1hhjpl-_sl160_Portable Tool Kit
As an addition to the emergency car kit, a portable mechanic’s tool kit is a great gift. Having a kit with a blow molded case like this is awesome. Your gear head can have plenty of tools in a neat and organized package. This also prevents tools from flying around the trunk of the car or back of a truck. This is just a suggestion for a kit. Check out Sonic Tools for more great portable tool kits.


61inc7tjagl-_sl160_Car Memorabilia
This is the stuff that most all of us gear heads love. For me, it’s all about old VW signs. I have them hung all around my shop. Some gear heads have their favorite brands, while other can appreciate all types of cool collectible car art. If you’re not sure what your car fan loves, you can’t go wrong with old school signs from the brand of car they drive, or the tools they own. I also have a place in my heart for old oil containers too.


51btutcs9ml-_sl160_Heated Jacket and Cold Weather Gear
If you’re in Florida, this may not be the best gear. But in much of the country there are times of winter it gets cold. For me, I have a hard time working on cars when it’s cold outside. My hands don’t seem to function right when they are cold. One of the neat ways to stay warm is a heated jacket. This Milwaukee Tools jacket run on the M12 battery, and has heater elements in it. Heated gloves are also an option, but I find it hard to work while wearing bulky gloves. This is on my personal list (if you happen to read this honey) 😉


31xbgggr8gl-_sl160_Qalo Ring
This is a gift that goes far beyond gear heads, but is perfect for them. My wife wears her 2 Qalo rings all the time. They are designed with a mechanic in mind, but are perfect for anyone. The rings are made of silicone so no need to worry about carrying current, or getting caught and causing unhappy finger damage. I wore a Qalo for a while, but I am too fidgety and couldn’t stop playing with it. LOL


41ute6tbcl-_sl160_Thermal Image Camera
This is a tool I love having in my toolbox. I did a review of the Flir One so you can see it in action. This thermal camera connects to your smart phone. They make a version for iPhone and for Android. I have used it to diagnose engine issues, seat heater issues, and more. You can also use it around the house to find places the may need attention for letting the outside climate in.


These are some of the best gear head gifts I could find. There are countless things that people love. I hope that these inspire you to find the perfect gift for that car guy or gal on your list. I have also created an Amazon store with plenty of other “Humble Mechanic gift recommendations

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