How To Replace MK4 Engine Mount (DogBone Mount) Bushings ~ R32 Restoration

How To Replace M4 Engine Mount (DogBone Mount) Bushings In this video I show you how to replace engine mount / motor mount bushings in the DogBone on a MK4 R32. The process is similar on all mk4 cars including Audi TT. These bushings are often replaced due to wear causing excessive engine movement. Replacing engine / motor mounts is an easy DIY car upgrade. Also I have not noticed any additional NVH in the car, other than a slight amount with the A/C on. This may or may not be due to the pendulum mount bushings as I am always concerned about the A/C compressor

This DIY is pretty straight froward and requires only some basic hand tools. I have listed some tools below if you find you are missing anything. Be sure to follow the rest of the R32 restoration and rehab.

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Tools used in this video:

Dogbone mount tool

This tool makes the job much easier

Parts used in the video :

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VW jetta beetle recall

IMG_9916A ton of you guys have asked me about this recall on the Jetta and Beetles. This new recall is related to the rear axle, specifically the trailing arms. So today I am going to break down exactly what this VW recall does. I will just let you know up front that it is NOTHING to panic about. Your VW will not explode or anything like that. It is actually to help prevent an issue if your VW is in a collision.

Join me today as we recall:

  • effected VWs on this recall
  • Rear trailing arms
  • What this VW recall does
  • Why you need to get this VW recall done
  • How long the recall takes
  • A rare on camera Charles rant
  • and more

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Failed VW swaybar link

Hi everybody. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you totally just thought “Hi Dr. Nick” 🙂

Today is Wednesday, and that means it is Shop Shots day. I was going back to get the volume number for today’s post. I didn’t realize that the last Shop Shots was from BFI! Holy smokes. For those of you that are new to the blog, Shop Shots is something I started to share the things that automotive techs see. With these pictures I can get into a little more detail than I can with a post of Facebook.

VW Bushing

First up we have a split control arm bushing for a MK4 Jetta wagon. Just below where the nut and bolt is, you will see what is left of a bushing. This Jetta has about 220k miles on the original bushings. This bushing failure is somewhat common on this generation of Golf/Beetle/Jetta. I have to say, this is  the worst one I have seen. This car must have been making one heck of a noise for a while.

VW Strut mount bushingsNext up is also a VW bushing issue. The last failed bushing was a lower bushing, this is an upper one. The upper strut tower bushings completely broke apart. Because of that, the strut cap popped up and broke the trim at the bottom of the windshield. I have seen a ton of collapsed strut mount bushings over the years, but never one that broke the trim.

Failed VW swaybar linkI promise that I didn’t plan for broken Jetta suspension day today. This picture has just all kinds of bad things happening. In the foreground of the picture, you see a swaybar link that has completely come apart. That is the really rusted part. In the background, you can see that the outer CV boot is split.

The funny part is, the customer told us he didn’t want to know ANYTHING that was wrong with his car. He just wanted the oil changed and nothing else. I guess in this case, ignorance is bliss? Maybe?

Well that wraps up an other volume of Shop Shots. I really didn’t plan to have it be Jetta suspension problem day. It is funny how the universe works some times. As always, if you have any questions or comments, post them below. You can also this contact me form, or email me Charles(at)