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Touring The New Shop and Studio

I AM BACK!!Touring The New Shop and Studio

Happy Monday everyone. I am super pumped to be back. I hated putting the show on hold for so long. It was really the only way I could get all the work on the new studio done. I really am having a hard time explaining how much I love this new setup. It will give me the opportunity to do more videos that you guys have been asking me for. And with better quality. One thing I didn’t mention is the plans for the floor. At this time, I don’t know what I want the floor to look like. So for now, we are leaving the floor as is.

Sponsor of the Day.
CRP Automotive has been a very important part of this shop remodel. With their help we were able to do all this cool stuff. Now that the shop is ready, I can get deeper into DIY videos, parts reviews, and even make the failed parts videos better. CRP deals in the highest quality aftermarket parts. Check them out at CRPAutomotive.com

Join me as we tour:

  • Studio location
  • Spot open for your suggestions
  • Shout out to Jason from Engineering Explained
  • Cabinets from Lowes
  • The Cabby, aka Project “Luv A Dub”
  • The signs hanging in the shop
  • Future upgrades coming
  • Wheel all the things
  • EricTheCarGuy Meetup
  • Beer of the day
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Touring The New Shop and Studio ~ Video” on YouTube.


This is the old setup for the studio

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