Shell at the USA F1 Grand Prix

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s show is a multi-part show. It has been a while since I just had a chat with you guys. Since things are finally getting back to normal, I thought it would be fun to give you a recap of my F1 and Shell trip. It has also been a long time since we have talked about the Cabby.

Today’s Automotive Podcast we discuss:

  • My trip to Austin with Shell
  • The great folks in my media group
  • A weekend with Ferrari
  • Dubs for A Cause
  • VR6 Cabby electrical issues (big surprise)
  • How we are going to fix said electrical issues
  • and more

Links from the video:

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Juan Pablo Montya

While at the Grand Prix of Houston, I was able to sit in on a round table chat with race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya. He has been all around the racing world including Indy, F1 and Nascar. We get to her him talk about cars, both racing and personal, driving, and some amazingly awesome life advice.

Oh, and 2 of the guys asking questions are none other than Eric the Car Guy, and Jason from Engineering Explained!

Some really great stuff from Juan. It is great to see someone open up and drop some unexpected live advice on you.

Also Thanks to the folks at Shell. This trip to Houston was sponsored and hosted by Shell.