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VW oil leakHey everyone, I hope that you are having a wonderful first Tuesday of 2015. Today we are taking a look at the failure of the 2.0T TSI (or TFSI) VW engine. For those of you that are new to the blog, every Tuesday, we look at a different failed VW part. As you will see we look deep into how it fails. This is one of the most popular shows here on HumbleMechanic.com. You can check out more Failed VW Parts videos on YouTube.

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Today we look at the Rear main seal and see:

  • What the VW rear main seal does
  • How the VW rear main seal works
  • How VW rear main seal fails
  • Why the VW rear main seal fails
  • Ways to diagnose rear main seal failures
  • DIY or no DIY a rear main seal
  • Buy the 2.0t TSI rear main seal here.
  • and more

If you are having trouble viewing, watch “How The CCTA Rear Main Seal Fails ~VIDEO” on YouTube

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