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  • (0:27) ~ How to get a question on a show
  • (1:23) ~ No heat in a MK5 Jetta?
  • (3:48) ~ Temp Gauge not working ?
  • (7:29) ~ What can happen if I don’t fix oil leaks?
  • (10:50) ~ OEM vs Aftermarket parts
  • and more

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VW heater core clogged

VW heater core cloggedIt has been a while since the last “How VW Parts Fail” video. But I have an awesome one for you today. This is the time of year we see the most failing heater cores. That makes sense because this is the time of year that most folks start using their heat. There are a few things that a failing heater core can cause. We are going to jump right in and talk about how heater cores work, and how they fail!

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Join me as we break down:

  • What is a heater core
  • Where are most heater cores located
  • How do heater cores work?
  • The roll coolant plays
  • How heater cores fail
  • Can they cause a Check Engine Light when they fail?
  • Can you repair a heater core?
  • Diagnosing a bad heater core
  • Flushing a heater core
  • and more

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