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Failed VW intake Manifold

Hi Everybody,(I hope you said, ‘Hi Dr. Nick’)

Today we are continuing the Tuesday episodes where we look at a failed VW or Audi part. This is like the podcast and Shop Shots piled into one. The response to last weeks show about failed VW 2.0t water pumps was awesome. I am thrilled that you guys like these shows. So be sure to remember that Tuesdays are failed part analysis days.

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You read that right. We have our very first sponsor. I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring on Deutsche Auto Parts on as a sponsor. They are a great company to work with. Check them out for your Audi and VW parts needs. They also do great how to videos for many common VW and Audi repairs. Remember that if I ever bring someone on as an official sponsor, that is a PERSONAL endorsement by me, as well as my advisory counsel.

How VW 2.0t TSI Intake Manifolds Fail
Today we are looking at the intake manifold for the CCTA 2.0T engine. This is a rather common repair that we do at the dealer. It fails in a few ways. There is also a warranty extension on SOME of the 2.0t engines for the intake manifold. Be sure to contact your local dealer to see if your VW qualifies.

We look closer at the 2.0t intake manifold

  • How it fails
  • Faults that may show intake manifold failure
  • Drive-ability issues with a failed intake manifold
  • How it fails
  • Intake manifold runner sticks
  • Intake manifold solenoid fails
  • Connecting rod for runner breaks
  • Sensor fails
  • Ways to test the intake manifold
  • Replacing intake manifold
  • Other repairs to consider with intake manifold removed
  • Injector seals
  • Carbon cleaning
  • DIY replacing 2.0t VW intake manifold
  • And more…

If you are having trouble viewing on the blog, check out the video on YouTube at Podcast Episode 20 How VW 2.0t TSI Intake Manifolds Fail.

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